Case Converter

Use Case Converter Online tool to change the letter cases of your text. Just add your text in the text box below and choose a case option to convert.

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About Case Converter

Case converter is a tool that can help you convert the case of your text to different letter cases such as Upper, Lower, or Sentence case & more. If you have written a whole article or any text and made some capitalization mistakes such as typing in uppercase rather than lowercase or you forgot to capitalize the first letter of each sentence, this tool is for you. It is really simple and convenient for you to use. Simply paste or type your text in the box above. Now just click the case button to which you want to transform your text to.

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How to Convert Case using this tool?

We have tried our best to make this tool effortless for you. To make things easier, below are few steps on How you can convert the case of your text.

  1. Paste or type the text you want to be transformed into a particular case in the text box above.
  2. Now click the case button you want your text to be converted in. For example, to convert text from uppercase to lowercase you can click the Lowercase button.
  3. The text will be transformed immediately. Afterward, you can click the copy button and paste it where you want.

Uppercase to Lowercase Converter

Upper to lowercase converter can help you change each UPPERCASE alphabet of your text to lowercase. All the letters will be changed into lowercase letters. For this, you just have to add your text in the box and then tap the lowercase button. Instantly you will see the output in the text area that you can copy.

Convert letters from Lowercase to Uppercase

If you have written something in lowercase and now want to convert it into UPPERCASE as a whole then you can use this. Make sure that Uppercase and Capitalize Words are different from each other. Uppercase transforms each alphabet into capital. Whereas Capitalize Words changes only the first lowercase letter as a Capital letter.

The conversion of lower to uppercase is also similar to others. Add your text in the text box. Then tap the Uppercase button. You will see the result quickly that you can copy.

Sentence Case Converter

Sentence case converter can help you change each first letter of the first word of a sentence from lower to uppercase. If you have a bunch of sentences and want their starting words to start with an uppercase letter then this tool is for you.

Add your sentences into the text box. Click the sentence case button and you will be able to see the output swiftly. Copy the converted text and paste it where you want.

Capitalized Words Converter

By using the Capitalized words converter you can change each first letter of a word as a capital letter. It capitalizes each first letter of your words to the upper case. To capitalize words, add the text in the box above. Click the Capitalize words button and then copy the output.

Toggle Case Converter

The Toggle case converter reverses the case of each letter. It will change an uppercase letter to lower and vice versa. After adding the text in the box you just have to click tOGGLE cASE. Immediately the output will be there in the text area. Click the copy button to paste the converted text.

Convert Text to Alternate Case

The Alternate case converter will convert your text into alternate lower and uppercase letters. If one letter is lower the next will be uppercased. To do this put your text in the text area and then click the alternate case button. You will see the converted text in the box. You can copy it by clicking the copy button.